Into the Sun Tour: Day 3, Spa Day at Snowbird Lodge

Today was absolutely wonderful. I was able to find a spa that had all the facilities I needed to help relax my aching bones. I woke up early, drank some tea and broth to start my relaxing journey, and packed a bag full of winter clothes before I headed up to the lodge. 

I was actually surprised at how snow covered everything was already. Driving into the lodge, the hillsides of the mountains were blanketed in white. Living in a desert my whole life makes snow feel like such a gift. And that was my general feeling through the day. 
I spent most of my time in the hot tub, enjoying the view. I had the entire spa and pool area to myself for a good hour. Just me and the quiet and the heat of the spa and the refreshing cold from the snow. After an hour or two of that, I became hungry and found lunch at a mexican restaurant they had on site. I had the pork tacos and they were delicious. 

Then I took a nap in the solarium, sat in the sauna for a bit, went back to the spa, laid out by the pool, took a yoga class, and then sat in a eucalyptus mint steamroom before I showered up and headed out. 
Guys…. I did alllllll of that for FIFTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS!!!! (Excluding lunch.) My mind was blown at the amount of amenities I had access too for that price. And I took advantage of every single thing they had to offer, down to the free combs and razors. Their skincare products were incredible. My legs feel soooooo soft right now and all of their toiletries were packed with aloe which I needed because I got sunburned from being outside for so long. They even had a water purifying machine that had 6 different temperatures for water, INCLUDING SPARKLING WATER. This place was amazing. 

Honestly, I just couldn’t get over the view. I took time to go out and take pictures of the trees and yes, another river. OH! I ALSO SAW A MOOSE!! I was stretching in the yoga studio when I looked out the window and saw a giant moose and her baby walk down the mountain and into the parking lot. They were lost for a little bit before they made their way back into the trees. Even as far away as I was I could tell that moose was huuugggeeee. 

It was just a beautiful beautiful day of self-pampering and healing. Being good to yourself makes such a huge difference. I’m still achy but I know all the relaxation helped.

After the spa, I met up with my friend and we ate at the Porcupine Pub and Grille. I had red curry seafood soup which sounds like the strangest combination ever but was very tasty and filling. It was a nice way to finish off a lovely day. 
Alright, I’m sleepy once again and heading to bed. 

‘Till tomorrow!

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