Quarantine and Chill: 5 Things To Do That Are Not Binge-Watching. Part One

Quarantine Dance Party Playlist

  1. Sort, Clean, and Organize. The world is in tough times and many of our neighbors need help. Now is the time to go through your things and get rid of all the clutter. For every item you are getting rid of, make sure it is cleaned, organize it into a category, and label your boxes/bags so donation centers don’t have to do all the work. Make sure all items are fully functional and all clothes are in good condition. 
  2. Creative Journal Writing. Start bullet journaling. Times are historical right now, write your take of how this all went down. Decorating with pictures and personal art will make your journal a time-capsule. ( This bullet-journal video will help get you started.)
  3. Spend Time in the Kitchen. Now is the time to finally try the meal prepping you’ve been blowing off since you heard about it. Cook multiple meals. Freeze half and fridge the rest. Try a new recipe. Unleash your Pinterest board. 
  4. Throw A Dance Party. Move the coffee table, turn on the color changing lights, bust out the glow sticks, and start dancing. Learn how to Renegade. You need to release energy after being so stagnant and dancing is the best way to let loose.  (Here is my Quarantine Dance Party Playlist to get you started.)
  5. Camp in the Backyard. You need a change of pace but can’t go anywhere, so camping is the perfect solution. It’s a great time to test out all your gear, see what’s still working, and start putting together an amazon wishlist of things you’ll need in the future.

Don’t worry friends, I have plenty of more ideas for this but those lists are gonna take more time to put together as I gather the right resources. OK, I’m off to go work on my Elsa cosplay. Thanks for reading and let me know how you liked the playlist! ❤

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