How to Quarantine & Chill: Part One

If you are new to being home bound and find yourself uncomfortable and on edge due to lack of productivity, I can help! Being a creative introvert has made me a master in the art of doing nothing. 

1.Clean. This is the most important step in lounging. Clean your comfiest sweats, coziest blankets, bedroom and bathroom. It makes for guilt-free relaxation. 

2. Feng-Shui. Now that your space is clean, maximize it for ultimate comfort. Bring the giant tv into the bedroom, move your bed into the living room, set-up your main hangout spot in your ideal space of the home.Grab your coziest blankets and really set the vibe with salt lamps, and candles. NO bright lights allowed! Close the blinds and keep it dark all day. This will help you lose track of time. 

3. Prepare your food. Put a frozen pizza in the oven, heat up some popcorn and cover it in salt and honey, put together your ideal charcuterie board of junk food. Now is the time to indulge. My ideal snack board includes birthday cake oreos, grapes, gouda, garlic Parmesan pita chips, hummus, tapenade, and hazelnut chocolate. 

4. Organize your watchlists for all streaming platforms. (I will be adding a list of binge-watchable favs in another blog post.) You are going to  consume sooo much media. Stock up   now, so you don’t spend hours aimlessly sifting through the Netflix wormhole, just to end up putting The Office on again.

5. Unplug. Turn your phone on “do not disturb” and settle in. ( I create a favorites list and only allow notifications from them.) Be present and leave pandemic chaos for another day. Enjoy yourself.

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