Into the Sun Tour: Day ‪20, Little Rock, Arkansas‬

Today was a tougher trek than normal. Leaving my family behind is always emotionally draining which makes the drive that much longer and harder….

About halfway through the drive, the contact in my right eye dried out and folded up into itself, getting stuck under the lid of my eye. I had to pull over and get it out but my eye remained burning for a while afterwards.

It was actually a very visually pleasant drive. It was similar to the SLC route. Lots of trees and foliage… I wasn’t able to capture it on my GoPro because the sd card is full and I’m unable to clean it out. Maybe I’ll just get a new card. Or a new phone. IDK, something, I have three weeks left of this journey.

Anyway, I finally reached Little Rock. The downtown area was surprisingly sparse for a Saturday night. But I found the city to be quaint and peaceful. I picked up some food and then made my way to my airbnb.

My host is really sweet and I love my room. He wrote my name on a pillow, provided a little mini-fridge and mints and he has a cute dog. Wish I had more time here. Guess I’ll just have to come back.

Anyway, I’m pretty spent, dear friends. Goodnight.


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