Into the Sun Tour: Day 16, Open Bell Coffee Shop

Today, I took it easy as I normally do before a show. I watched movies with my cousin and then got ready to sing tonight.

For the first time on this trip, I am not going to a show alone. It felt really great to have my close family come out and support me. Especially to a place no one has been too or has any idea what the situation is like. Luckily, Open Bell Coffee is a reaaallllyyyy cool spot!


It has two very large dining areas and a pretty big stage in the corner. They even sell beer and wine! I, of course, ordered a pinot grigio and waited for the open mic to begin. It started an hour after sign-ups and by that time, I was three glasses in.

But it was a great show. I listened to wonderful acts, had great conversation with my family and after I performed, we all headed to Cheesecake Factory.

The night was a blur of music and warm lights and white wine and pancetta pasta and laughing and big smiles.

‘Till Tomorrow


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