Into the Sun Tour: Day 15, Day at an Asian Bathouse

I once again find my aching body ruler of my domain. I do some research and find King Spa and Waterpark in downtown Dallas. My sweet cousin wakes up earlier than me and cooks up some breakfast before I head out on my adventure.

It was a little rough. The map kept telling me I had arrived but the spa was no where in sight. I drove in circles for a bit before I realized that the waterpark was hiding behind an abandoned bank. When I finally parked, the shiny Lion’s head I had seen in pictures online, was faded. The sign was chipped and other outdoor decorations were run down too. I almost turned back. Every time I was about to give up, the pain in my back kicked in and I pushed and persevered.

This place is much different than Snowbird. It has 9 different saunas infused with minerals that help detoxify and energize the body. They’re all different temperatures and  treat different areas of the body. In each sauna, you lay down on bamboo mats and relax for 20 minutes at a time. It’s best to not bring in phones to distract from the quiet. So I laid down and rested and tried to meditate.

I was not as successful as I would have liked. I tried to purge away negative thoughts and energy, I tried to breath through the aches. I got emotional during the purge, but ultimately felt relieved after I worked my way through the different saunas. There was only one I didn’t make it into because it was basically a bonfire in an enclosed room and I just couldn’t bring myself to sit in 220 degree heat.

After laying in the oxygen room, I made my way to the waterpark portion of the facility. There was an adult only pool/spa. It wasn’t warm but it had jets. I cooled down in the spa for a bit before making my way to the cocktail bar upstairs. The bar was empty and it had cozy recliners, so I ordered a bloody mary and enjoyed the quiet.

After that, I headed to Whole Foods, picked up some food for the fam and made my way home. After stuffing our faces with garlic bread and mashed potatoes, we had a Twilight marathon.

If you don’t know, one of my absolute favorite things IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD, is to watch Twilight and rip it apart. I love every single cheesy, ridiculous thing about it.I even have a burger king crown with Jacob’s face on it because I live for that shit.

So the night ended on an extremely high note, and I was happy and then I fell asleep.

‘Til tomorrow.


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