Into the Sun Tour: Day 14, Family Reunion in Dallas.

You guys, the most anticipated part of my trip is finally here. I am visiting my cousins in Texas!!!! I won’t deny feeling a bit hungover from the night before. It made getting up early and driving into the sun so much harder than it should have been. I will admit, I was surprised at how lush Dallas is. I was expecting a vacant, barren, flat land of endless desert but I was wonderfully mistaken.

After three and a half long hours on the road, we were finally reunited!!! It is a special day because my littlest cousin is celebrating her 9th birthday and the whole family came down. I am lucky that the timing of this trip worked out so well.

We ate mexican food, (did you know texans tried to put chili beans on my enchiladas??? I was like, nooooooooo) then the birthday girl showed us how to make slime. It was definitely an experience. Lol. We reminisced and ate birthday cake and played with helium balloons and watched the cowboys lose! After a long and pleasant day, the party ended.

I meant to take a nap but I ended up falling asleep for the rest of the night.

‘Til tomorrow.


One thought on “Into the Sun Tour: Day 14, Family Reunion in Dallas.

  1. Cool entry – hope you had a good time in Dallas – it is a different city than a lot of folks think it is. A make-your-own slime party – I wish they had stuff like that when I was a kid.

    Thanks for sharing.

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