Into the Sun Tour: Day 13, One Night in JJ’s Alley

I woke up exhausted again. Unfortunately with chronic fatigue, it takes days for me to recover from physical exertion. So, I listened to my body, took it slow, and made my way to the Whole Foods shopping center to shop some more and eat.

The perks of playing in big cities is that there’s always a WHOLE FOODS!!!! Annnnnddd Whole Foods has pumpkin EVERYTHING!!!!! They also had these vegan mini muffins that are allergy free for me. It was very exciting.
After my little shopping adventure, I headed back to start getting ready for tonight’s show. Fatigue over came me again and I took a nap. When I woke up, I almost changed my mind. I almost gave up trying to get ready for the show. I almost turned the lights off and slept the night away. But I couldn’t do it. I had to kick my ass into gear and remind myself that the reason I am even in OKC is to perform. That the reason I am even on the road is to get out there and sing.

So, after reminding myself of that, I drove out to Bricktown. Bricktown is the City part of OKC. As you might assume, the buildings are made of bricks. Some of the streets were closed due to construction so it made finding parking really awful. As I was driving around looking for a spot, I saw LED carriages being pulled by horses. It added some whimsy to my night out.
Anyway, I made my way to JJ’s Alley. It was definitely a dive bar. It has two stories with 3 different places for live music. It’s kind of a narrow pub, with stages hidden in the corners. After I signed up to play, I realized I needed a battery for my guitar so I drove to Bass Pro Shop to pick one up. Bass Pro Shop is huge! Stuffed buffalo and deer lined the tops of the shelving and there was an indoor waterfall. I got my battery and rushed back to the bar.

As I walked through the door, Jessie, the open mic host, told me I was up next. I took my guitar outside to tune it and two minutes later I was on stage, a bit out of breath from excitement. As I was playing the second song of my set, a FREAKING PIECE OF HAY FLEW INTO THE BACK OF MY THROAT!! And I started choking and coughing in the middle of the song, I had no water or anything to drink because I didn’t get a chance to order anything before I performed so one of the patrons came up and handed me their beer so I could continue singing. It was embarrassing but the crowd was so nice and sweet to me, they let me perform an extra song.

After my set, every single person in the crowd told me how lovely and beautiful my voice is. They told me they thought I was a wonderful songwriter and encouraged me to keep going. They were proud and excited for my adventure and wished me luck. Jessie told me I was the real deal and that all I need to improve is my stage presence. I tried to explain to him that I do much better with a whiskey in my hand, but he waved away my joke and said, “Play everywhere you can. You can do this.”
God, I just wanted to cry with how much love and support these people were giving me. They tipped me 20$ and they bought me round after round of whiskey gingers. I listened to the rest of the acts, who were all amazing, sang along with the songs that I knew, and laughed and talked with the locals around me. It was a great night.

After the show as I headed to my car, fireworks went off. And I stood in the middle of Bricktown at midnight with my guitar on my back, staring up as they burst into the sky, gazing at red and white sparks instead of stars. I realized I haven’t seen a star since I started this trip. The weather has been too overcast to see anything but the moon…
OKC came through.
‘Til tomorrow.

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