Into the Sun Tour: Day 12, The Lighthouse on Lake Hefner

After a series of unsettling dreams, I finally awoke and began my day. I wasn’t quite sure exactly what to do. I still felt too tired to do anything physical and didn’t have a real need to shop. I decided to just search for food somewhere with a view and found myself ending up at Lake Hefner. 
It was still hot and muggy, a small wind blew neither hot nor cool. The lighthouse was a sight for sore eyes even though my anxiety was raging rampant. Even being outside where I couldn’t possibly be suffocated wasn’t enough. 

I decided that maybe a drink would help calm my nerves and headed to a bar that was playing jazz music because it reminded me of my dad. It was empty in the bar. A few patrons scattered around the restaurant. I could see the lighthouse from my seat. 

But inspite of the drink and the fish and chips and the view of the water, my anxiety overpowered me. I managed to take some pictures before heading back to my airbnb and spending the rest of the evening sleeping and watching Harry Potter. (I’m on a huge Harry Potter binge right now.)
The night was peaceful. 
‘Til tomorrow sweet friends.

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