Into the Sun Tour: Day 11, The OK but no C.

View from my hotel room in the daylight.

Well, today started decent enough. Check-out wasn’t until 12pm, so I slept in and took my time packing up and getting ready. I found an Airbnb, so I made my way over to it. After unpacking all my stuff, I went out into the world to go shop for my baby cousin’s birthday present. (I asked my hosts for a food recommendation and they suggested Taste of China, a buffet… I was not feeling it.) I ended up eating at Taco Bell. Anyway.

I shopped for about 3 hours before I headed home and passed out. It’s pretty muggy and overcast here which made trying to sleep uncomfortable. I woke up an hour later still exhausted. Turns out my chronic fatigue has caught up with me and it’s making it hard to boot and rally. I had no energy to try and go out so I stayed in and started writing a short film.

Inspiration I found while out shopping.

Kind of disappointing I guess, even though I was productive. Every trip has it’s crashing point. That’s fine with me. No better place to take it easy than OKC. My anxiety was raging, I was irritable for no reason, everywhere I walked it felt like people were on top of me and I didn’t feel well. I wish I understood better why I get this way.

And that was it, really. I agonized over the news updates of the Vegas shooting. I was sooo thankful that all my friends and family were marked safe but I was so heartbroken for all those who never made it home. I read up on the victims, I read up on the shooter, I tried to make sense of why this happened…. But the truth is there is no reason good enough that will justify the taking of innocent lives…

If this tragedy has taught me anything, it’s that being good and kind and loving towards people is soooo important. Especially now.


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