Into the Sun Tour: Day 7, Wichita, Kansas

Today has been a little disappointing. Once again, not getting enough sleep due to panic attacks. I was all fine with camping at the beginning. I was enjoying the peace and quiet and fresh air and then the sun set and campfires were roaring and soon aggressive screaming from one of the log cabins disrupted the relaxing vibe. And the night just went downhill from there.

The wind blew hard and rustled my tent so I kept thinking something was outside. Just freaking myself out for no reason. I tried watching lighthearted videos of things and indulge in facebook but nothing was helping. Eventually I drifted to sleep but woke up at 5am this morning anyway. I really wanted to leave asap but there was no point because my lodging for tonight wasn’t available until the evening. So I just hung out in my tent, watched the sun rise and waited til it was time to get ready and check out.

The drive was easy enough. The layout of Wichita and the brick buildings reminded me of Adelaide. It’s very flat around here. I feel like I can’t see anything.  Not really sure what to make of these people. In Wyoming, I got a very clear sense of what the people were like from just sitting in a local diner for lunch. Not so much here. IDK, we’re getting off on the wrong foot.

Welp, looks like Wichita is just a small town. I guess I’m confused because I know soooo many bands play here and now I have no idea why. I’m going to downtown tomorrow, maybe I’ll get a better sense of this place then.

Soooooooo…. Since I’ve been having trouble sleeping, I looked up some tips to sleep better. Saw a recommendation for drinking coke so I tried it and it worked. Don’t know why, maybe I just crashed, maybe it was the placebo effect but I highly recommend.



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