Into the Sun tour: Day 6, The Trek to Wichita

You guys, it turns out I have altitude insomnia which is why I can’t seem to get more than four hours of inconsistent sleep. This lack of sleep made today’s journey VERY rough. I was super sad to leave the Solarium because it was such a nice and comfy place. My roommate was a little weird though. She put the ceiling fan on with the light and turned on the air conditioning… Thank god for the very thick down blanket because it was pretty cold in there. Anyway.

My body ached the entire drive up and because I’m so sleep deprived, the ride was very emotional again. I swear, I cried any time a song came on that had anything to do with love. Which is basically all songs, soo…. If you’re wondering if I’m sick of myself yet, the answer is surprisingly no. I listen to podcasts and the sound of real people talking takes the weight off of being completely alone. Besides, I get to scream and cheer really loud when my favorite songs start playing on the stereo, and no one can say shit because I’M ALL ALONE AND IT’S MY RULES!!!!! MWUHAHAHAHAHA.

The ride to Wichita reminded me a lot of the drive to Las Vegas, but with a lot more livestock and hay bales. I stopped every two hours, and still my body gave up before I could finish the final leg.
I was right about to turn onto the highway that takes you to the main city, when I pulled over to stop for gas and food. After eating my chicken club sandwich, I accepted that I could not push myself any further. Luckily, there was a KOA campground half a mile away from the restaurant I ate at. So now I am sitting in a tent, watching the sun set slowly over the open fields of the countryside.

I’m gonna practice some guitar, do some yoga, and fall asleep. Hopefully for real this time.

‘Til tomorrow!

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