Into the Sun Tour: Day 5, Drive through the Prairie

Welp, today was non-stop driving. I woke up feeling very sick and nauseous. It was a rough start but nothing a pumpkin spiced latte couldn’t fix. Then I began the trek to Colorado. 

The drive through Wyoming was incredibly beautiful. It’s serene prairie was dynamic, colorful, and picturesque. Like a Thomas Kincade painting come to life. It was a very calm and relaxing drive. The weather was pretty dreary; it even rained on me a couple of times.

It was pretty cold today, about 44 degrees. The crisp air felt refreshing to me. But the drive was long and a little weary. When I finally made it to Cheyenne, I was ravenous for some greasy diner food. There’s just nothing more comforting than a juicy bacon burger. I also ordered a salad, which the waitress brought out real quick. The fries were dipped in batter and the ranch was superb. It was exactly what I needed before I finished the last leg of the journey. 

I booked a room at Solarium International Hostel in Fort Collins, CO. The hostel is amazing. There are trees growing out of the common room. They have tepees in the back and a river that flows through the property. And a yoga studio, which I used to stretch out and dance. Bed is comfy, pillow is comfy, blanket is warm. All is well and calm today. 

I did get emotional on the drive. I just started thinking about how I got to this moment. How a series of moments over these past years affected my life and my path and brought me here. 

Anyway, I’ve just been relaxing and enjoying the fresh air, which by the way, I nearly cried when I stepped out the car and breathed in. That’s what fresh air smells like???? California is smoggy as hell! 

Anyway, I’m tired sweet friends.
‘Til tomorrow!

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